January 21, 2012

The Studio

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My Ludwig Maple Classic | Professional Live and Studio Drummer Donna Peters | Donna Does Drums

My studio is based in the rural Surrey/Hampshire border in the UK.  It’s near the legendary Headley Grange where Led Zeppelin famously recorded parts of their albums…yes, I am a huge Bonham fan!

The gear I use the most that is very much loved and cared for:


  • Ludwig Classic Maple Drums
  • Ludwig 1970’s 402 Snare Drum
  • Paiste 2002 Cymbals
  • Evans Heads replaced regularly and well tuned
  • Porter & Davies Gigster
  • Vater Heartbeater Sticks


  • PC – Cubase SX4
  • MOTU 24i


  • Akg D112
  • Shure SM57 x 2
  • Sontronics DM-1T x 4
  • Sontronics DM 1S
  • Realistic 33-1090A PZM x 2
  • SE Electronics 2200A
  • Sontronics STC-1

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]If you’re a looking for a professional, experienced live drummer or a drummer for a studio recording, please feel free to have a look around my site. I am also available as a dep for bands.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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 2 reviews
by William Tombs on
Brought Power and Life To My Song

Donna's positive and natural playing style and sound brought power and life to my song.  When you hear Donna play you'll wish she was in your band, but at least for the recording it will sound that way!  She really immersed herself in the song and nailed it first time with a take that was technically flawless yet with feeling and creativity.  Donna is friendly and easy to work with.  Even though we had a trans-atlantic time difference she responded to emails as though she was living in my town. Donna is knowledgable and experienced with the technical side of recording, perfectly quantising my rough acoustic demo and providing the final tracks in the specific sound format I requested.

by Duncan Baxter on
Exceptionally Good Drummer

Donna is an exceptionally good drummer and one of the best on the South Coast. Her unconditional love for drumming and huge amount of experience in both studio/live environments shows through her playing and work. With access to her own studio, you can be guaranteed a professional sounding perfect drum track! Added bonus is that you won't find a nicer person to work with!